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Data Architecture



data lake, data warehouse, ods - so many buzzwords, and so many options.

one solution does not fit all. 

let us help you curate the solutions that meet your organization's unique needs.

Data Management



compliance needs and privacy mandates are increasing. knowing your customer is imperative both for risk management and for understanding total value of customer for retention and cross-selling.


businesses are required to identify golden sources of data for key entities and to define metrics that standardize your business definitions across functional areas.


with 20 years experience in data governance, we can help to use new tools for this important age-old problem that has more urgency than ever to standardize and solve.

Data Modeling



how can you design your database for speed, performance, integrity, extensibility? do you need different solutions for different user groups or needs? need a company who "gets it"? 


we do. so your dev team can hit the ground running, and keep running.


experts in analyzing data and designing structures for sql and nosql databases.

Data Analytics



whether statistics engines and data mining is needed to develop new insights or your business users need new ways to visualize their data to deliver new business insights, we have the experience to become the engine that drives new business.

understanding, leveraging, and augmenting your data is no longer a cost of doing business, it IS your business.

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